It’s time for 10 Questions with Mercy Ships radiology technician Candace Truskinger! This is how Candace brings hope and healing to the people of Senegal.

1. How long have you been serving with Mercy Ships? I have been on board for 7 weeks now and only have one week left of my service.

2. When you’re not serving with Mercy Ships, what do you do back in Australia? I work has a radiographer for Queensland Health at Toowoomba Hospital and am about to commence further study specialising in a Masters of MRI, which is my favourite modality.

3. Why do you love serving with Mercy Ships? I love that I have had the opportunity on board Mercy Ships to volunteer my specialised skills for a worthwhile cause that we take for granted back home. The chance to serve and help the people of Senegal has been an amazing rewarding experience.

4. What do the people of Senegal mean to you? It is amazing to see the community spirit here amongst the Senegalese people and their utmost gratitude for health care they otherwise wouldn’t receive.

5. What’s your favourite thing about waking up each day on board the ship? Not having to cook and the short commute to work!!

6. What one thing has surprised you the most about serving with Mercy Ships? I am surprised with how social everyone is and didn’t expect so much free time to explore.

7. Which on board tradition do you love the most? I was here during the Christmas period and I absolutely loved all the different Christmas traditions people bought from around the world with them to share with everyone.

8. What has living on board a ship with 400 other people taught you? Living on board the ship has shown me just how differently people live their lives and the importance of being accepting of everyone no matter their faith or lifestyle choices.

9. Tell us one thing that you wish that you’d known before joining Mercy Ships. N/A

10. What would you tell someone who’s thinking of joining Mercy Ships? Just give it a go and doesn’t matter if you are not religious like myself! Even a short service can have a huge impact on not only the patients your serving but yourself as well.

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