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The New Mercy Ship

Building a Fleet of Mercy

Currently under construction, the addition of the largest ever purpose-built civilian hospital ship will more than double the capacity to make a positive impact in surgical health care delivery in areas around the world where access is limited. Along with the Africa Mercy, this ship will stand in the gap for many of the poorest in our world, providing modern health care, world-class training and one-on one mentorship for the benefit of our host nations’ population. This multi-pronged approach bridges the gap from state-of-the-art health care delivery to the developing health care systems of sub-Saharan Africa. We invite you to join us. Together, we can become the bridge to hope and healing.

Facilities & Features

Building a Floating Hospital

  • The hospital will cover most of decks 3 and 4—approximately 7,000 square meters— containing 6 operating rooms, clinical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, hospital supply and pharmacy services.
  • With 102 acute care, 90 self-care beds, and a 7-bed intensive care unit, the hospital will have an on board capacity of 199 patients.
  • The hospital area will also include dedicated classroom/conference spaces as well as medical simulation labs for more effective training.
  • All pre-operative and post-operative care can be done on board rather than ashore, which will minimise the Mercy Ships footprint when operating in busy ports.
  • The new ship will more than double our annual medical capacity and is designed to carry out a wide range of surgeries including:
    • o maxillofacial reconstructive and tumour removal surgery
    • o cleft lip and palate repair  o reconstructive surgery
    • o orthopaedic surgery
    • o cataract removal
    • o obstetric fistula repair.

Building a Community

The new Mercy Ship will have meeting and work spaces as well as cabins and berths for an average crew of 600+, consisting of families, married couples, and singles, with numerous design considerations based upon prior operating experience and crew feedback. The ship incorporates the latest comprehensive technology for crew safety and security.

Building Partnerships

Upon invitation, and in cooperation with local ministers of health, Mercy Ships evaluates a potential host nation’s capacities and health care needs, and then delivers a customised plan to collaboratively address each country’s unique needs for:

  • Delivery of safe, free, surgical health care and training
  • Focusing on the identified needs unique to each nation

Building the Skills of Host Nations

By working with our hosts, the training impact more than doubles.

  • Offering continuing education and instruction to local talented medical professionals
  • Two ships will equip them with techniques, skills, and confidence
  • Empowering each nation to care for patients long after Mercy Ships has departed

Building the Capacity of a Continent

Strengthening each nation’s health care ecosystem; training of partner hospitals and professionals in areas of patient care including:

  • The WHO surgical checklist
  • Sterile processing techniques
  • Biomedical equipment training
  • Mental health awareness
  • Surgeon mentoring
  • Dental school partnership
  • Palliative care
  • Essential surgical skills courses
  • SAFE obstetric anaesthesia courses
  • SAFE paediatric anaesthesia courses
  • Primary trauma care courses
  • Essential pain management courses
  • Surgical nurse mentoring

Building a New Delivery Platform, Together with African Nations

With the completion of the new ship, which will join the Africa Mercy in delivering state-of-the-art health care and training, Mercy Ships greatly increases the training capacity. By more than doubling the ability to change the face surgical health care in areas of the world that seek to improve their own infrastructure, Mercy Ships collaborates to increase a nation’s ability to care for their people.


Length: 174.1m
Breadth: 28.6m
Draft: 6.1m
Deadweight: 4,300MT
Gross Tonnage: 36,600
Crew Capacity: 641
Hospital Beds: 158
Operating Theatres: 6
Decks: 11
Main Engines: Diesel Electric
Registered: Malta
Building: Tianjin Xingang Shipyard
Surveyed By: Lloyd’s Register