Ellen Ziegelaar, a Platform Systems Engineer for Rolls-Royce Australia services, recently put her engineering know-how in aid of underserved communities in Africa. Discover her passion for technology and what drove her to support the Mercy Ships initiative.

How did you learn of the Mercy Ships opportunity?

My family has been very supportive of the Mercy Ships programme for many years. Hence, from the start, I always knew that I wanted to go and take on this experience.

It was also a bonus to be working with Rolls-Royce as it is a corporate supporter of the initiative. But the real turning point came when I attended a Mercy Ships presentation. The speaker was the second engineer on board the Africa Mercy. He is an ex-serviceman in the Australian Navy and hence, we had a lot of mutual connections. After learning more of the mission and the potential to change people’s lives, I was motivated to go. I pursued this opportunity and was greatly helped by the support of my Rolls-Royce managers. It made me appreciate the culture of the company.

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