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As the Mercy Ships team provides surgery and healthcare to the people of Guinea removing tumours, treating burn victims (a lot of those being children ), repair limbs, club feet, do facial surgeries , treat women’s health and give people back there sight … there’s a huge crew supporting them.

I’m on board to do the crew’s hair. There’s 400 people (doctors, nurses, engineers, families, teachers, cooks, captains, plumbers, you name it) that all need haircuts and they haven’t had the salon open since March so my goal is to do everyone’s hair while I’m here.

I’m booked to stay a month and it’s not long enough to do all the crew. I’m willing to stay longer if I raise enough for my crew fees 🙂

Your donation will help cover the practical costs : flights here / crew fees as I volunteer.

The crew are all keen for me to extend and if I raise enough I’m willing. If you’d like to support me to stay longer I know they’d love it. They all look like woolly lambs and I’m so humbled by Guinea where 47% of the population live below the poverty line .

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Love Ally

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