This is the Africa Mercy. Inside of this hospital ship are operating rooms, patient beds, sleeping quarters, dining rooms, offices, and even a very small gym. But just like Mercy Ships is far more than the people who work here, the Africa Mercy is far more than the rooms that make her up.

More than anything else, the Africa Mercy is a home. A place filled with joy and laughter. A place of healing, for those both inside and out.

Roughly 400 different people call this ship “home”. All of them from different places and different walks of life. All of them coming together because of a shared belief. That we can make a difference. That we can be hope for people who desperately need it. And they believe it so strongly that they leave their lives behind, coming to the Africa Mercy to serve as volunteers, expecting nothing in return, just wanting to be a part of transforming the lives of others.

You are a part of this too! You are a part of Mercy Ships. Through your time, and your gifts you stand side-by-side with us as we bring hope and healing to those in need, and we can’t possibly thank you enough!