How long is too long to suffer from a toothache? One day, perhaps even a week, before you visit the dentist? The wait that most of us experience might just be a #FirstWorldProblem.

What would happen if the pain was left to worsen for two years because there was no dentist, and when it was examined you were told there was a tumour growing slowly inside your mouth. This is what happened to Salematu, who waited painfully and helplessly for two years as the tumour grew in her mouth, making it more and more difficult to speak and swallow every day.

As many as five billion people do not have access to safe and affordable surgical and anaesthetic services worldwide. This lack of basic health care has taken more lives than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB combined. Let’s put #WorldProblemsFirst as we address this global health crisis.

Salematu was fortunate to receive free surgery to remove her tumour on board the Africa Mercy. After a few days, she was able to look in the mirror and see her new face after surgery for the first time.

“I feel beautiful. I feel good. I feel hopeful,” she marvelled.

If you want to help other people like Salematu live a life that’s pain free, then the time to act is now. Let’s work together to address this global health crisis. Donate today at

Source: The Lancet