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Mercy Ships Cargo Day, an annual event established by the worldwide shipping community in 2016, has announced a $1 million USD target goal for 2018.

The event, held October 3, provides the opportunity for the shipping and trading community around the world to donate 50 percent of its commission on cargoes (Mercy Cargoes) or to make a direct financial contribution to Mercy Ships.

Join the movement today at https://mercyshipscargoday.org

When Monique was only 3 years old, she began developing cataracts that caused the world around her to slowly fade. As she grew, so did her cataracts — eventually she was forced to leave school. But hope was around the corner. Watch as Monique’s transformation unfolds!

Music provided by Musicbed: mscbd.fm/msmsc
‘Ascension’ by Jordan Critz: mscbd.fm/snjc

Your gift will have double the impact this End of Financial Year thanks to a generous donor who is matching all tax-deductible gifts to Mercy Ships programs before 30th June!

Visit https://mercyships.org.au/donate to give today.

This year, we pioneered into the unknown, bringing healing and transformation to the country of Cameroon for the very first time. It was our biggest venture yet and thanks to you the lives of the men, women, and children who desperately needed it the most have been transformed—one surgery at a time.

Join us to deliver 1,500 surgical miracles of hope and healing this Mercy May: http://mercymay.org.au