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Why do nurses from around the world volunteer with Mercy Ships? Watch as they explain what makes the experience of working on board the Africa Mercy so special.

Our hospital ship can only perform its lifesaving work because of the skilled group of people who volunteer on our Deck and Engineering teams. This part of the Mercy Ships volunteer staff may work behind the scenes, but what they do is truly remarkable! Join our Technical Crew now: mercyships.org.au/volunteer

Maurinho is a strong, competitive six-year-old. He loves football and school, but his badly bowed legs made it difficult to get ahead. Watch his transformation unfold.

With one of the biggest contingents of Australian volunteers ever on board the Africa Mercy, our Aussie crew got together for this rousing rendition of 'Waltzing Matilda'.

After Dorkas was born with congenital cataracts, her vision began to cloud. Three years later, her sister was born with even worse eyesight. The sisters soon lived in darkness. When their mother heard Mercy Ships had arrived in Benin, she was filled with joy.