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Mariama was born with a cleft lip and nose. Hopeful that their daughter could be healed, Mamadou and his wife were determined to find a doctor that could help. They finally found Mercy Ships.

It takes volunteers from many different backgrounds to fulfil the Mercy Ships mission of providing access to safe, timely health care. When we think of the importance of International Women’s Day, we are moved by the strength of the women that serve with us. Join them at https://apply.mercyships.org

In places without access to proper medical care, orthopaedic conditions in children are unfortunately commonplace. Birth defects go uncorrected. Bone breaks are rarely set and mended. Life changing surgeries and physical therapy relieve the suffering caused by deformities and neglected trauma. Because of the Mercy Ships Orthopaedic Program, children all over Africa are able to run and play, and are given the chance for a productive future that they never would have had otherwise.

Mansare grew up with a condition known as bowed legs, which made walking and running an exhausting challenge. After years of watching him struggle with his limited mobility, Mansare’s family was excited to hear the news that he might finally find healing on board the Mercy Ship!

Mercy Ships needs teachers. Join us! https://mercyships.org.au/volunteer-as-a-teacher

Whether you're performing surgery to remove a tumour, cleaning the deck,
or teaching the children of our crew, it takes skills of all kinds to bring hope and healing. See how Beth Kirchner found her place as a kindergarten teacher on board the Mercy Ship!