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Despite the many changes taking place over the past year, Mercy Ships is still actively working towards our mission of providing hope and healing on the African continent. Watch as Mercy Ships volunteer anesthesiologist Dr. Sarah Kwok partners with CURE International in Uganda to touch the lives of patients like Richard, a baby with a life-threatening condition.

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What started as a toothache for Ly Cheick grew into a painful facial tumour. However, after he was examined at the Gamal dental school in Guinea, Ly Cheick was able to get his surgery scheduled and performed by local surgeon and Mercy Ships partner Professor Raphiou Diallo — before his tumour turned into something larger. This is strengthening health care systems in action!

Website: https://mercyships.org.au​​
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/mercyshipsau​​
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Australian physiotherapist Allan Kent joined a crew of over 400 people from around the world to bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Running a hospital ship takes all kinds of skills — engineers, plumbers, electricians, and so much more! Are you ready to use your skills to transform lives?

Visit https://www.mercyships.org.au/volunteer to see how you can get involved.

When Diacko was about three years old, his legs began to bow. Without a solution in sight, Diacko's mother, Youma, held to the hope that her son would one day be healed. After hearing of Mercy Ships, Youma's hope became a reality.

Website: https://mercyships.org.au​
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/mercyshipsau​
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We're getting close! Join Jim Paterson on a tour through the #GlobalMercy as it nears the end of construction. Whether you're in Reception, the Dining Room, Hospital, or Bridge - it's obvious to see that this is getting real.

Will we see you on the Global Mercy when she makes her maiden voyage to Africa? https://mercyships.org.au/volunteer

Website: https://mercyships.org.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mercyshipsaustralia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mercyshipsau
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mercyshipsau

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