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Jocelin suffered from a rapidly growing tumour on his face that caused him to hide in shame. Local doctors offered to try to help - but at an enormous cost that the family could never afford. So Jocelin’s father, Jean Paul, began hoping for a miracle.

When Miracle was born with a deformed leg, her mother Sylvie worried desperately. How would her sweet little girl walk? What kind of future would she have? Then, on a hot day while selling bread in the market, Sylvie heard an announcement on the radio that changed her daughter's life.

Cataracts robbed William of his vision and his ability to provide for his family. But William dared to hope that help would come.

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When little Elvie was born with her left foot twisted inward, her mother learned what anguish was. But like most mothers, she refused to give up.

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The man who had been given up for dead had returned home without his life destroying facial tumour. The free surgery on board the Africa Mercy literally saved his life. Watch Sambany’s triumphant return to his village and to his overjoyed wife now at mercyships.org.au/stories/sambany/