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Pierre wanted to run and play like all the other children, but his twisted legs were holding him back. Mercy Ships gave Pierre the chance of a normal happy childhood with free surgery to help heal his legs.

Mercy Ships brings life changing surgery to children in Africa so that they can live fulfilled lives. Sisters Salamatou and Mariama wanted to go to school, to run and play like the rest of the kids. Their malformed legs were impeding them to have a normal childhood. The parents searched for a solution and found Mercy Ships. Through the generosity of donors, children like Salamatou and Mariama receive free surgery and medical care that changes their lives.

Because of support from people like you, we were able to partner with the nation of Senegal to provide safe surgery, health care and development aid. Thank you for leaving a lasting impact!

Burned at a young age, Aliou grew up with severely limited movement in his right arm. Thanks to his grandmother's perseverance, their family found Mercy Ships and he received free surgery. See how Aliou's transformation has opened up a whole new world of possibilities!

Mercy Ships needs IS Support Specialists and AV Technicians. Join us! https://apply.mercyships.org

Our hospital ship can only perform its lifesaving work because of the skilled group of people who volunteer on our IS and AV teams. This part of the Mercy Ships volunteer staff may work behind the scenes, but what they do is truly remarkable!