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Your compassionate support has helped make Mercy Ships history. For 40 years, generous supporters like you have helped bring hope and healing and we celebrate a milestone that you are a part of — the 100,000th surgical procedure on board a Mercy Ship!

When Denise Ngum, an electrical engineering graduate from Cameroon, first heard about Mercy Ships she thought she had no chance of working on board as an electrician. But now a volunteer crew member on board the Africa Mercy, Denise wows everyone with her technical skills and willingness to learn.

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Like all soon to be mothers, Adama was both excited and nervous about how dramatically her life was about to change when she became a mother. But no one could have imagined the twist that life was about to throw at her.

See more of Adama's story: https://mercyships.org.au/mothersday2019/

When Milo Falsing was a child he travelled on a ferry, the Dronning Ingrid to visit his grandparents. When he learned it was going to stop sailing, he wrote a letter to the ferry company asking to sail one last time. Now he’s the captain of the Africa Mercy, that very same ferry which is now a hospital ship providing free surgery and training to the countries it serves.

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The pain of living with bowed legs seeped into every aspect of Julienne's young life. Walking was difficult. Running was impossible. Surgery seemed impossible… until they heard about Mercy Ships.