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Every day, a growing tumour above Benessa’s left eye caused her more and more pain. Doctors feared she might lose her eye. When Benessa’s mother heard about Mercy Ships, she was ecstatic. Her family travelled for hours to get to the Africa Mercy, and they got there just in time.

Thank you for all you've done to help us get to this point! But, we're just getting started. See how you can join us for another adventure at https://apply.mercyships.org

In these difficult times we stopped going out, we stopped meeting up, we stopped seeing loved ones.

But in critical times like these, we don’t stop reaching out, being a community, and we don’t stop loving.

Mercy Ships is still working to support health care systems around the world in these difficult times and continuing to change lives.

Please, don’t stop mercy.
Visit https://mercyships.org.au to find out more.

In this previously unaired patient story, meet Alya, whose father brings him to the ship with hopes of a medical miracle. See his full story on the premiere of The Surgery Ship director’s cut feature-length film on 7TWO at 12pm on Sunday, 12 July and encore at 2.30pm on Wednesday, 15 July.

Marie Madeleine has always emitted an admirable confidence despite her condition. However, as she watched from the sidelines as others ran and played, she dreamed of joining them. Thanks to your generous support and our skilled volunteers, Mercy Ships has made this dream a reality.