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Kadiatou spent too much of her life as a quiet observer, always wishing to be a part of the games, but her severely twisted feet just wouldn’t allow her to play. Until the Africa Mercy arrived to give her an opportunity to join the fun.

Lovisa Ramberg wanted to serve with Mercy Ships but thought that without medical experience, there would be no role for her. Then Lovisa found her place with Mercy Ships serving as a barista in our on board cafe.

Find your place on board our hospital ship: https://apply.mercyships.org

Your gifts of dedication, sacrifice, time, professionalism, and service have changed lives. Serve with us again: Serve with us again: https://apply.mercyships.org

Donate your birthday to Mercy Ships and help save lives. It’s easy! Just ask your friends for donations to Mercy Ships instead of gifts. 100% of the money you raise will go directly to our current field service in Senegal.


The Africa Mercy is like a small town full of dedicated volunteers from all around the world. Watch as Stuart Clear shares his journey as an IS Manager on board saying, “There are quite a lot of different systems that we have to provide support for and that’s been enjoyable and a rewarding challenge!”

Join others like Stuart for an adventure of a lifetime: apply.mercyships.org