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The Global Mercy is so much more than a ship. Watch Jim Paterson walk us through what it means for Mercy Ships and the people we serve.

Due to lack of proper nutrition, conditions like that of Ousseynou and Assane are not uncommon in nations we serve. Through direct surgical care and a focus on training local agricultural trainers, Mercy Ships desires to treat the effect and the cause of many of the conditions we see and help heal. Today, the twins walk with straight legs and our hope is that future generations will too, without surgical intervention.

Saliou, like many other children, was born with a cleft lip. However, a lack of access to safe, timely, and affordable surgical care prevented Saliou from receiving the healing he needed. Thanks to skilled volunteers and generous supporters like you, his life has been transformed.

Announcing our brand new ship...the Global Mercy!

We are grateful to reveal the world's largest civilian hospital ship. Thanks to our faithful donors and volunteers, we will more than double our capacity to deliver safe surgical care and medical training in Africa.

You'd be surprised where you can make change.


Every day, a growing tumour above Benessa’s left eye caused her more and more pain. Doctors feared she might lose her eye. When Benessa’s mother heard about Mercy Ships, she was ecstatic. Her family travelled for hours to get to the Africa Mercy, and they got there just in time.