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This May, join with Mercy Ships to help women in Africa!

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This May, join with Mercy Ships to help women in Africa!

The birth of a child should be joyful. But for many women in developing nations, it’s the beginning of a downward spiral into pain, loneliness, and poverty.

By signing up as a Mercy May fundraiser, you’ll be helping to provide free surgery to women like Gisele suffering from obstetric fistula and other gynaecological conditions. Read Gisele’s story now.


A fundraiser’s story

Our supporters have done some pretty amazing things to raise money for Mercy Ships.


Ian and Jan Smith from Kaniva, Victoria, have hosted several Mercy May fundraisers over the last few years. So what inspired them to get involved?

“Having heard about the plight of women who become outcasts in their own culture and the work of Mercy Ships to restore dignity and hope we just wanted to get involved. Putting on a morning tea seemed a fun idea and with the help of Mercy Ships, who provided promotional material and ideas, the occasion was made even easier and more fun to organise. People who had never heard about Mercy Ships before were very appreciative of the event; and the scones, jam and cream. The main outcome however was that those who attended felt they had been given an opportunity to make a difference.”

How to fundraise for Mercy May

Step 1. Register your campaign

You’ll get your very own online campaign page which you can personalise by adding images, a message and setting your campaign target. Then you’re ready to raise funds!

Step 2. Tell your friends

Share your campaign page with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or in an email and ask them to give. Share your campaign with as many people as you can to increase donations. Remember to remind people that they can donate online through your campaign page at any time.

Step 3. Collect donations online

Your friends and family can easily donate by credit card, debit card, direct debit or PayPal through your online campaign page and will automatically receive their tax-deductible receipt by email. That means no paperwork for you!

Step 4. Host an event

Get everyone together for a great time and a great cause as an extra way to help raise funds. Host a dinner party, teach an art class, run a garage sale, anything you can think of! Once you register we’ll email you invitations and posters.