Mercy May


Join us to deliver 1,500 surgical miracles of hope and healing this Mercy May


How You’re Helping

Over 5 billion people on the face of the Earth lack access to safe surgical and medical care.
This statement alone explains why Mercy Ships exists

can give life-changing surgery to a patient suffering cataracts and restore sight for life.

can provide casting materials for four children being operated on for club feet.

can provide fistula surgery for a woman affected by a childbirth injury.



Join us to deliver 1,500 surgical miracles of hope and healing this Mercy May

About Mercy May

This May, join us to deliver 1,500 surgical miracles of hope and healing.

Helping is easier than you think! Just get your friends together for a good time and raise money for a great cause in the process.

Your involvement with Mercy May, no matter how big or small, will make a vital difference to those living in desperate need.

Get Involved

100% of all funds raised go directly toward delivering our target of 1,500 surgical miracles.

Helping is easy. You can host a backyard BBQ or do some baking, organise a movie night or run a marathon. Even just help by spreading the word to your friends. The opportunities are endless.


How to Host a Mercy May Event

Step 1. Register for Mercy May 

When you register for Mercy May, you’ll receive a Mercy May host kit in the mail to help you organise your event with your friends. You can also opt to get your very own online host page which you can personalise by adding images, a message and setting your campaign target.

Step 2. Get creative

Plan a dinner party, teach an art class, run a garage sale, anything you can think of!

Step 3. Invite your friends

We’ll post you invitations as part of your host kit, along with decorations, your host booklet full of tips and ideas, along with the necessary paperwork. If you also choose an online host page, you can share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or in an email.

Step 4. Host your Mercy May event

Now that you’ve got all of your friends together, have a fantastic time!

Step 5. Collect donations 

Collect and return donations given in person or use your campaign page at your Mercy May event to allow your friends and family to donate by credit card, debit card, direct debit or PayPal. This way they’ll automatically receive their tax-deductible receipt by email. That means no paperwork for you!


Be Inspired

“Having heard about the plight of women who become outcasts in their own culture and the work of Mercy Ships to restore dignity and hope we just wanted to get involved. Putting on a morning tea seemed a fun idea and with the help of Mercy Ships, who provided promotional material and ideas, the occasion was made even easier and more fun to organise. People who had never heard about Mercy Ships before were very appreciative of the event; and the scones, jam and cream. The main outcome however was that those who attended felt they had been given an opportunity to make a difference.”
– Ian and Jan Smith from Kaniva, Victoria

About Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships and its volunteers treat life-threatening tumours, cleft lip and palate repairs, plastic reconstruction for severe burn-related injuries, hernia repairs, cataract removal, correction for orthopaedic deformities (club foot, bowed legs and other severe abnormalities), obstetric fistula repair and dental care.Each year, more than 1,200 volunteers including surgeons, dentists, nurses, health care trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen and engineers from over 40 nations serve with Mercy Ships.

Join us this Mercy May to deliver 1,500 surgical miracles of hope and healing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Mercy May? We have the answers!

  • About Mercy Ships & Mercy May

    Who is Mercy Ships?
    Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978, bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilising people and resources worldwide, serving all people without regard for race, gender or religion.

    What is Mercy May?
    Mercy May is an annual fundraising campaign to raise money for Mercy Ships and our surgical and medical programs. All you have to do is gather your friends together for a good time and raise money for a great cause.

    What happens to the funds raised in Mercy May?
    100% of all Mercy May proceeds will go directly toward providing free surgeries.

    How can I get involved with Mercy May?
    Simply register to host a Mercy May event and we’ll send you a host kit with all you need to host your Mercy May fundraiser.

  • Host Kits

    What is in the Mercy May host kit?
    The host kit contains a handy host booklet to help you organise your event, invitations, posters, a money box, decorations plus some paperwork for banking funds raised.

    When will I receive my Mercy May host kit?
    We aim to have your host kit to you by the beginning of April.

  • Mercy May Event Ideas

    Help, I’m stuck for event ideas!
    There are endless options for the type of event you can hold – a ladies lunch, a backyard BBQ, a fashion show, a bake sale, whatever you can think of! Simply get your friends together at any time throughout the month of May. Here are a few more event ideas:
    – PJ party
    – Movie night
    – Morning or afternoon tea
    – Dinner party
    – Garage sale
    – Art exhibition
    – Dress up party
    – Sporting event

  • Collecting Donations

    How do I collect donations at my Mercy May event?
    You can use the money box provided in your host kit to collect cash and cheque donations. If any of your guests would like a tax-deductible receipt for their donation you can use the Mercy May Tax Receipt Request Form. You can also use your Mercy May online host page to raise funds from those unable to attend or at your event for guests who would like to donate by credit card, direct debit or PayPal.

    Are online donations secure?
    Donations made online are protected by an industry-standard high grade 128bit encryption, using SSL technology.

    How do I deposit the funds I raise at my event?
    You can deposit funds raised at any Westpac bank branch by following the instructions in your host booklet.

    Is there a deadline to depositing Mercy May funds?
    We would love if you can deposit all funds before 30 June.

    How are tax receipts issued for any donations?
    If any of your guests would like a tax-deductible receipt for their dontion you can use the Mercy May Tax Receipt Request Form. Donations made through your Mercy May online host page will receive their tax-deductible receipt by email at the time of their donation.

    Can guests donate anonymously?
    Yes, guests at your event can donate anonymously by placing their donation in the provided money box. They can also donate anonymously online by ticking the ‘Make my donation anonymous to the fundraiser’ option.

  • My Online Host Page

    What is included in my Mercy May online host page?
    Your Mercy May online host page can be personalised with your photos and a message to encourage donations. You can also set a fundraising goal and will see a list of who has donated.

    What is the web page address of my personal Mercy May online host page?
    Once you register your Mercy May online host page we will email you the direct link to your page to share with your friends.

    Can I share my personal Mercy May online campaign page using my social media accounts?
    You can share your Mercy May online campaign page on Facebook, Twitter or by email directly from your page.

Join Us This Mercy May