As the number of people dying from a lack of surgical care is now estimated at some 18.6 million children and adults per year, is it time for us to put world problems first? That’s the question being asked by Mercy Ships.

Today there are as many as 5 billion people who do not have access to safe and affordable surgical care.  This lack of basic health care is taking more lives than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB combined.  A study by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery suggests that 93% of people in sub-Saharan Africa cannot obtain basic surgical care.

This is the landscape Mercy Ships volunteers enter into, and this is where we all have an opportunity to make an impact.

While some may choose to donate their time and expertise, others donate funds in order to support the work volunteers are doing. Both are essential and desperately needed, but neither can happen without an awareness of the issues at hand.

Over the coming months we want to drive attention towards this global health care crisis and the growing need for hope and healing all over the world.  #WorldProblemsFirst will educate, inform and start conversations with Twitter and Instagram users who share their #FirstWorldProblem online.

Source: The Lancet