Imagine carrying the weight of a four kilogram tumour on the side of your face for over 25 years. Living a life of ridicule and shame. This is what happened to Valerie, as she lived everyday as if it was her last.

Her heart broke even more when she discovered that a similar tumour was growing on her daughter’s face. Valerie’s daughter Edith was seven years old when the tumour started to grow. She didn’t have any money to seek help and was desperate to save her daughter’s life.

On board the Africa Mercy, Valerie and Edith were able to receive free and safe surgery that they desperately needed. It only took a few hours to give them a lifetime to look forward to together.

When the nurses removed the bandages for the first time Valerie said, “WOW is this me. Is this really happening to me?!”

After Valerie and Edith recovered from their operations, they took the 8 hour journey back home to their village. Everyone was so happy to see them.

“I have discovered a new life through Mercy Ships. It’s a miracle for me and my family. ” said Valerie.

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