Foundation Giving

Through the generosity and commitment of our foundation giving partners, Mercy Ships continues to bring hope and healing to the people of Africa. Together, we’ve made hope tangible for millions in need. We’ve restored dignity. Extended love. Transformed lives. Together, we have made a difference.

Thank you for your invaluable support.

Alcon Foundation

Alfred Dupont Foundation

Alice & Russell True Foundation

Anita A. Ray Foundation

AWLJ Foundation, Inc.

Balcraig Foundation

Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Benificus Foundation

Charles Henry Leach II Foundation

Christian Ministries Foundation

Communities Foundation of Texas

Community Foundation of Jacksonville

Community Foundation of N. Texas, Inc.

Covenant Foundation

Dallas Seminary Foundation

Demetree Family Foundation

Dominique Cornwell & Peter Mann Family Foundation

East Texas Communities Foundation

Edna Sproull Williams Foundation

Flora Family Foundation

Free Family Foundation

George & Faye Young Foundation

Gloag Foundation

Graves Foundation, Inc.

Happy Davis Foundation, Inc.

Harvest House Foundation

Herman Miller Foundation

Horace C. Cabe Foundation

Howard & Betty White Foundation

Jeffrey & Lis Coors Foundation

JES Edwards Foundation

Kvamme Foundation

Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation

Margaret T. Biddle Foundation

MDRT Foundation

Family Foundation

National Christian Foundation

Niarchos Foundation

Oak Foundation

Orange County Community Foundation

Peninsula Community Foundation

Robert L. & Barbara Zorich Family Foundation

Rowling Foundation

SG Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Stewardship Foundation

Terry Family Foundation

The Chatlos Foundation, Inc.

The Dallas Foundation

The Rees-Jones Foundation

The Rotary Foundation

The TK Foundation

Williams Family Foundation

For further information on Foundation Giving, please contact us on:

1300 739 899