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Global Mercy

Our Newest Hospital Ship

Our newest ship, the Global MercyTM, is the world’s largest purpose-built non-governmental hospital ship, capable of more than doubling our surgical and training capacity. Over her 50 year expected lifespan, more than 150,000 lives are estimated to be changed on board through surgery alone.

The sequential steps in the building process include up to 16 months of detailed design work, construction of the hull and installation of machinery systems, outfitting the accommodation decks/hospital, extensive testing and trials prior to delivery from shipyard, installation of additional medical equipment and general supplies and further testing prior to deployment.

The vision to transform lives by bringing hope and healing has guided Mercy Ships since the beginning. With each ship, lives are transformed in the nations we serve. But the need is ongoing.

The Global Mercy hospital deck will be ready to carry out a wide range of surgeries like maxillofacial and plastic-reconstructive surgery to address tumour removal and debilitating burn contractures, cleft lip and palate repair, orthopaedics, cataract removal, and obstetric fistula repair.

This expansion and growth will facilitate more — more surgeries for those in need; more health professionals trained and mentored; more lives changed.


We would love you to be involved in this unique, transformational initiative.

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Facilities & Features


The hospital covers most of decks 3 and 4 – approximately 7,000 square metres containing:

  • supply services
  • 6 operating theatres
  • 102 acute care beds
  • 7 ICU/isolation beds
  • an additional 90 self-care beds

The hospital area includes dedicated classroom/conference spaces as well as simulator labs for more effective training. All pre-operative and post-operative work can be done on board rather than ashore, which minimises the Mercy Ships footprint when operating in busy ports.

The new ship will more than double our annual medical capacity and is designed to carry out a wide range of surgeries including, but not limited to:

  • maxillofacial & reconstructive surgery
  • tumour removal
  • cleft lip & palate repair
  • plastics
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • cataract removal
  • obstetric fistula repair

On-Shore Programs

In addition to the surgeries performed on board, ship-based teams serve in local villages providing a wide array of services to increase health and well-being which includes:

  • Dental clinics
  • Medical clinics
  • Community health education
  • Construction and agricultural training


The Global Mercy will have meeting and work spaces with numerous design considerations based upon prior operating experience and crew feedback. The ship incorporates the latest comprehensive technology for crew safety and security and will provide accommodation for 641 people including crew and medical staff on board. The ship services are designed to host up to 950 people when the hospital is working and additional day crew are serving on board in various functions such as translators.

Safety & Security

  • Automatic water mist system located throughout the accommodation and hospital areas
  • Smoke detector system pinpoints any fire’s exact location
  • 24-hour security guards, metal detector, and screening devices
  • Closed-circuit TV monitors
  • Critical spaces locked 24/7


Registered: Malta
Crew Capacity: 641
Main Engine: 4 x Wartsila 6L32 w/ 2 x ABB Azipul Pods
Draft: 6.1m
Length: 174m
Breadth: 28.6m
Gross Tonnage: 36,600
Deadweight: 4,300MT
Hospital Beds: 199
Operating Theatres: 6
Decks: 11
Design: Deltamarin
Build Oversight: Stena RoRo
Built: Tianjin Xingang Shipyard
Surveyed By: Lloyd’s Register


The following partners have supported the build and outfitting of the Global Mercy.

  • Alcon
  • A-Dec
  • BD
  • Bemis Manufacturing
  • Caresimatic Brands
  • Carestream Dental
  • GF Health
  • Labconco
  • Midmark
  • MSC Foundation
  • Omnicell
  • Pedigo
  • Philips Foundation
  • Steelco