Mercy Ships partners with families, foundations, trusts and people like you who share our passion to eradicate the diseases of poverty.  It is a commitment to the future and a lasting expression of hope!


Mercy Ships facilitates the link between those who have the desire to give, and those who are desperate to free themselves from the diseases of poverty.  Philanthropy is one of the few ways that families, foundations, trusts and people like you can ensure a legacy that will live forever, making a difference for people and communities for generations.

Creating Social Impact

Mercy Ships enables tangible social impact to be achieved for vulnerable members of the community in developing nations across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific.  Our key focus areas are listed below.  These focus areas are supported through philanthropic funding, corporate gifts-in-kind, and volunteers.  Each focus area has strong leadership and management capacity and uses impact data to inform strategic operational decisions.

Benefits of Partnering with Mercy Ships

  • Partnership with a leading international developmental charity, which has a proven 40+ year history and a uniquely sustainable business model
  • Customised partnership and relationship management which meets your passion and investment
  • Personal social impact reporting and updates to demonstrate how your support is making a difference
  • Expert guidance for families, foundations, trusts and individuals
  • Ability to do regular in-field visits, to see firsthand the social impact you are making