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Serving with Mercy Ships is a great way to combine your skills with a meaningful mission while also gaining great experience to help you reach your future career goals. There are many ways to support Mercy Ships in our global medical mission to help the poor. It takes all kinds, with all skills, with a need for both medical and non-medical volunteers. 

Mercy Ships are floating healthcare communities where tradies, IT specialists, cooks, mariners, cleaners, administrators, teachers, doctors, nurses and many others all play a vital volunteer role. The need is immense, but passionate people like you are making a life-transforming difference.


Join us in 2024!

Mercy Ships has exciting opportunities to serve on board the Global Mercy and Africa Mercy during our upcoming field services in Sierra Leone and Madagascar. If you’re looking for a unique way to serve others, click on the departments below to browse their open roles.


Education, Training, and Advocacy activities are a key component to helping each of our host nations build their capacity to provide healthcare to their own people.


Supporting the financial needs and wellbeing of the crew, projects, and programs on board our hospital ships, the Finance department is an integral part of our team.


The Hospital is where hope and healing meet, where our patients and caregivers are looked after and loved, where our crew are so appreciated. A hospital like no other.


Surgery is just part of a patient’s Mercy Ships story. Our Hospital Support Services cultivate the best possible patient journey from start to finish.

Mercy Ships deploys hospital ships to transform lives and serve nations, and a crew of volunteers from around the world makes our mission possible.

Apply now to serve with us in 2024 and beyond!


Though our ships may stay in port for months, they need looking after. The Deck team maintains a healthy ship to enable our our crew to bring hope and healing.


Keeping the lights on and the ship ticking, we are very thankful for our Engineering department. A chance to make a real difference while getting your hands dirty.


Volunteers from around the world providing free, safe surgical care, freeing people from conditions that have been burdening them for years, while training local professionals.


The Eye Clinic is a lively, vibrant place, with many things to celebrate as sight is or restored to our patients for the first time in years.


Working hands-on to deliver inpatient surgical care to our patients, the Ward Nurses work around the clock to see that each patient receives the care and attention they deserve.