Our Mission

Globally, 5 billion people lack access to safe surgery.

As a result of this lack of access to surgical care, up to 18.6million people die each year. Every day, children and adults in some of the poorest communities die from causes that can easily be treated in hospitals in nations like Australia. 1 in 8 children will die before they have the chance to go to school.

With the support of Australian and international supporters like you, we are able to deploy our state-of-the-art hospital ships to treat more people. As part of our commitment, we also train and upskill local healthcare workers so that this great work continues into the future.

Up to 70% of the world’s population lives near the coast, and our hospital ships are unique platforms for our volunteer to direct medical care as well as medical capacity building into these communities.


Since 1978, we provide hope and healing to some of the world’s poorest people.


To provide first class medical care and support, and build health capacity in local communities.


A customised three year partnership model with every country we are invited to support.

I know I speak on the behalf of many, many millions of people when I say thank you very much to all of you for your dedication, for your caring, for the gifting of yourself in the way in which you do. You are wonderful, thank you.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Numbers

Mercy Ships delivers life-changing surgical and medical care and partners with local communities to help them to help themselves. With your generous help we have achieved the following results.


Village Patients Treated with Medical and Dental Procedures

Life-Changing Surgeries Performed

Health Care Professionals Trained in Their Field of Expertise

Health Care Professionals Trained to Train Others

Community Development Projects Completed

Ports Visited

Developing Nations Visited

Impact 2022

With your generous support, our Relief Fund financially supported a variety of direct medical services during the 2022 calendar year, as well as capacity building programs and projects across Africa and Asia/Pacific.