Orthopaedic Surgeries

I just want to run and play

Every child should have the opportunity to run and play with the other children. For children born with clubfeet and other serious orthopedic issues, this important part of childhood can be missed.

In developed countries, children born with clubfeet can be treated from the start, often without surgery so that as the child grows, the leg and feet start to correct themselves. For children in Africa, this is rarely available. Without treatment, club feet can cause long term serious effects including early on-set arthritis, walking adjustments that may cause painful calluses, mal growth of muscles in the legs, inability to walk at all as well as lower self esteem because of image.

The Mercy Ships crew rolls out orthopedics programs which include performing life-changing surgeries to building on the ground medical knowledge. Orthopedic correction is often a multi-year process. Our staff train and mentor personnel in the child’s local community to continue treatment when Mercy Ships has moved to a new country. This means successful completion of the surgery, and building a competent medical team to continue the good work.



Marie Madeleine

Marie Madeleine’s family prayed that she could receive treatment for her leg so that she could run around with her friends.

Mercy Ships provided her with the free surgery and ongoing physical therapy that straightened her leg, enabled her to walk normally and put a smile on her face.

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