"Food For Life"
For A Better Life

From surgery to sustainable agriculture,
you will help build healthier futures.


Double your impact before 30th June.

“Food For Life”
For A Better Life

From surgery to sustainable agriculture,
you will help build healthier futures.


Double your impact before 30th June.

Our World Needs Hope and Healing More than Ever

In times of uncertainty, you help bring a lasting legacy of health care and hope to every port we reach.

From Surgery To Sustainable Agriculture:

Baba’s Journey To Transformation

Baba had a kitchen accident at his home in Senegal when he picked up the lid of a pot. Minutes later his hands and arms caught on fire, leaving him with burns so severe that he could no longer use his arm. He was used to manual labour as his family were peanut growers. After the accident, he was unsure how he would continue to work and take care of himself finacially, let alone his family.

Baba was able to receive free reconstructive plastic surgery on board the Africa Mercy in 2019. After the operation, he regained the use of his arm and hand so that he could resume farming. He was so grateful for his new lease of life that he became motivated to not only become a better farmer, but passionate about helping his local community of peanut farmers too. 

The “Organic Way”  

Two years later, Baba enrolled in the Mercy Ships ‘Food for Life’ program. This program has trained more than 800 people in nine countries since 2007. The 22-week course covers sustainable agriculture and food processing, helping community members become independent growers and distributors of healthy, nutritional products. 

The ripple effect of transformation grows as all the students of the ‘Food for Life’ program return home to empower their friends, family and neighbours.

“Through the program the amount of disease found in the communities has reduced.”


Every time you show kindness to patients like Baba you are restoring their hope and giving them a chance to restart their life, not only for themselves but also for their families and communities. Every gift, big or small helps to change a life.

Thanks to a group of business owners all gifts received for Mercy Ships Programs will be doubled until June 30th 2023. 

Watch Baba’s Story

What your impact will do

 Provide Free Life Changing Surgery

Support children like  Ousseynou and Assane to receive surgeries that straighten legs, remove tumours, correct cleft lips and much more. 

Help Train a Local Healthcare Worker

Training and mentoring healthcare workers enables them to train others. The long-term impact helps provide a sustainable healthcare system.

Fund the “Food For Life” Program

A major factor in preventing disease is good nutrition. This program teaches local farmers ecologically sound and sustainable farming methods.