Eye Health

Have you ever paused to notice the smile on a child’s face when they see a colourful butterfly, or how they giggle and laugh as they zig zag around trees with each other in the playground playing tag? The gift of sight is a sense that offers a life filled with colour, vibrancy and connection.

For so many kids in this world however, this gift unnecessarily deteriorates. Without treatment of conditions that require glasses or corrective eye surgery, a child’s life can be radically impacted. 

First they are hit with the physical loss of freedom in their day to day activity, secondly they are faced with their inability to attend school and learn, and lastly they deal with the emotional impact of being so often ostracised from other children. It’s a proven fact that most blind children do not survive past the age of 5 in poor and developing nations where this basic eye care is not accessible.

With your help, Mercy Ships medical staff are able to give the gift of sight to these children by providing free preventative eye care treatments and procedures.

Every day, Fatmata brings little Aicha with her to the market, where they sit for hours selling oranges. Due to the cataracts clouding her vision, the sweet, impish two-year-old can’t see the colourful world around her — a fact that brings her family sorrow.

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