Palliative Care and Family Support

When someone is suffering a terminal illness, the impact spans well beyond them and their physical body.

The care we offer families in transition starts with their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our experienced team provides medical and psychological treatments, as well as listening to their unique needs and then doing our best as a team to meet them as they take the final breaths of life. Trauma and grief counselling as well as family support is provided to help them process their emotions around loss AND be there for their loved one in need.

Death and dignity we believe go hand in hand and the Mercy Ships team make this possible for so many to experience this ease and grace in their final transition.

Improving Patient Care

When someone gets sick, especially with cancer and HIV, and has no hope of life they still deserve to finish their lives in dignity.

Mercy Ships provide a Palliative Care Medical Capacity Building Program to train health care workers to learn how to better comfort, care for, and communicate with terminally ill patients and their loved ones.