IN 2023

Our Lasting Impact

In 2023, the Global Mercy served patients from three countries – Senegal, The Gambia, an Sierra Leone. This work was only possible thanks to more than 1,318 skilled volunteers from over 67 countries, including 660+ Senegalese, Gambian, and Sierra Leonean national crewmembers.

Without volunteer professionals who give their time, the work Mercy Ships does to partner with host nations and offer free surgical care and training would never be possible.

In the first half of 2023, the Global Mercy served patients from both Senegal and The Gambia from the Port of Dakar. In August, the ship then sailed to Freetown to serve Sierra Leoneans.

Lasting Impact

Beyond the Global Mercy’s outreach to Senegal, The Gambia, and Sierra Leone, during 2023, Mercy Ships’ work in eight countries included:

· 2,953 surgeries for 3,295 patients
· Training in nutritional agriculture for 93 farmers
· Training for 56 dentists

Through mentoring and training, Mercy Ships partners with local professionals and governments to build up a workforce of skilled surgeons and healthcare workers. This helps to build a strong medical presence and sustainable healthcare systems in the countries Mercy Ships serves.

This work could not have happened without our dedicated volunteers and the generosity of our donors, like you, to help support us in our work in Africa.


Providing free life-changing surgeries and medical care to people in need


Training local healthcare professionals to provide ongoing medical care


A customised three year partnership model with every country we are invited to support.

“This is close to a year of planning and organising but to see all that come into reality with the ship actually in Sierra Leone, it was just amazing.”

Dr. Austin Demby,

Minister for Health, Sierra Leone

2023 – The Numbers

Mercy Ships delivers life-changing surgical and medical care whilst partnering with local communities to help them to help themselves. With your generous help we have achieved the following results:



Healthcare Professionals

training hours

Farmers trained

Dentists trained




In 2024, with two ships in service the need is great but the impact will be greater.
With your help, we can spread our impact further and provide more hope and healing to those in need.