During the recent Africa Celebrations in Dakar Senegal, the Torch Ceremony marked a very special moment in Mercy Ships history. African dignitaries, the people of Senegal and Mercy Ships crew gathered in front of the Global Mercy to watch the torch ceremony which symbolising the sharing of the flame from the Africa Mercy to the Global Mercy.

The first torch was lit on the Africa Mercy and brought down the gangway by Captain Djurre Jan Schutte, who served as the ship’s first captain when the last torch ceremony took place: “I remember how special that moment was 15 years ago, and now I have again the honour of sharing our flame with our new vessel, the Global Mercy.”

The torch was brought to the Global Mercy, where long-time volunteer Dr. Gary Parker used its fire to light the next torch alongside a crowd of more than 500 Mercy Ships volunteers, united in the mission to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

To watch the Torch Ceremony click here.