Directing Your Gift

Planned giving and legacy giving, are donations that you can set up now, to be donated at a date in the future. These often include gifts such as life insurance, annuities, trusts, stocks, bonds, other securities and much more. 

By giving to Mercy Ships Australia Limited in this way, you can help save and transform the lives of future generations. Your giving can help children and adults to see, walk, or smile for the first time. You could even transform the lives of whole communities through one of our many development projects

Wills and Bequests

Bequest to Mercy Ships Australia Limited in your Will can be a specific amount of money, the entire estate or a percentage of the estate, a residual bequest or a specified share of the estate, or property and assets (shares, property etc).

Cash Gifts

These come in the form of Tribute Gifts and General Gifts. Tribute giving can be given in honour of a loved one or friend. General Donations if not directed in their use can be used to support most urgent needs in provision of direct medical services.

Charitable Giving Funds and Ancillary Funds

These funds allow you to donate regularly to Mercy Ships Australia Limited over an extended period of time, preserving your gift for many years to come.

Non-cash assets

These planned gifts and legacy gifts can be donated through stocks, bonds, and other securities, life insurance policies, intellectual property, business interests, artwork, retirement plan assets, insurance policies, investment accounts and more.


Real estate can be deeded outright to Mercy Ships Australia Limited or left by bequest and can include land, buildings and rights associated with the land and much more.

To find out more about Directing your Gift, please contact us:

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