It’s time for 10 Questions with Mercy Ships HOPE centre facilitator Kristy Moffat! This is how Kristy brings hope and healing to the people of Senegal.

1. How long have you been serving with Mercy Ships? Two months! This is my first time aboard the Africa Mercy

2. When you’re not serving with Mercy Ships, what do you do back in Australia? I was an Estimator for a Commercial Furniture company

3. Why do you love serving with Mercy Ships? I love the work Mercy Ships commits to, bringing Hope and Healing. It’s an inspiring place to work and they do it with such humility.

4. What do the people of Senegal mean to you? The Senegalese are such friendly, hospitable people. ‘Teranga’ is part of their values and it’s been great to experience this in their country.

5. What’s your favourite thing about waking up each day on board the ship? The community on board is fantastic, everyone is so inclusive and welcoming.

6. What one thing has surprised you the most about serving with Mercy Ships? The commitment from everyone on board to make this field service a success, this is a huge operation and would not function without the dedication of each individual. I didn’t grasp how many moving parts there were until I arrived here!

7. Which on board tradition do you love the most? Thursday night ice-cream! Favourite part of the week 😉

8. What has living on board a ship with 400 other people taught you? Empathy. We all come from such different walks of life, so understanding each other’s values is important to living with each other.

9. Tell us one thing that you wish that you’d known before joining Mercy Ships. That the food would be amazing! No boring cafeteria food here. And more importantly, that working with the Senegalese would be such a wonderful experience.

10. What would you tell someone who’s thinking of joining Mercy Ships? Absolutely do it, no regrets.

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